The New Green List

In celebration of Earth Day, Travelport has released a new trend report about the state of sustainability in the travel industry. Together with two of its partners, Virgin Atlantic and Trainline, Travelport shines a light on the sector’s current initiatives with a focus on creating a greener industry for tomorrow.

Jason Clarke, Chief Commercial Officer – Travel Partners at Travelport, said: “Being an environmentalist should not be a competitive advantage, but rather something that the entire travel industry embraces and believes in.”

Clarke continued: “In order for the sector to become truly sustainable, we must first inform customers about the sustainable choices that they have and make those easy to understand. Next, end-to-end green options must be integrated together in a seamless manner. Finally, we must provide the consumer with the ability to offset every mile they travel. It is crucial that the industry works together in order to ensure a greener path forward in the future.”

While the travel industry and the world at large continues to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, destinations that are viewed as environmentally friendly are gaining popularity with tourists.

According to a report by ESOMAR-certified market research*, the ecotourism industry is expected to grow by 15% CAGR, surpassing a valuation of $17 billion. Trend data released from Travelport highlights how destinations like Norway, Denmark, Ecuador, Iceland, Costa Rica have become more popular with travellers.

The report also looked at air and rail travel.

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