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The Ocean Is Calling

Holidaying By The Sea Is Key To Healthier Lifestyle For Canadians

While it may seem pretty obvious, spending time by the ocean is the key to a happier and healthier lifestyle. However, not all Canadian’s have easy access to ocean-front views or live within a walking distance from the ocean.

Over twenty-three per cent of Canadian’s (23% in Toronto, 21% in Calgary and 20% Vancouver) consider themselves to be “quite a bit/extremely stressed’ in their day to day lives. This is why travel and vacation homes in destinations that provide access to time by the ocean are crucial to improving the life span of everyday Canadians.

In the 2018 RE/MAX recreational property omnibus survey, 55% of respondents stated that their main deciding factor to choosing a vacation home was waterfront access.

This point was only second to affordable pricing, making it clear that whether people are considering purchasing a vacation home or go on holiday, water and ocean access play a huge role in destination choices and ultimately holiday enjoyment.

Vivo Resort founder, Olympian, author and visionary – Carey Mullen’s chose the Puerto Escondido, Emerald Coast as the location for his luxury resort mainly due to its access to the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Mullen looked at over 44 different holiday destinations before settling Vivo Resorts at Puerto Escondido, on the southern tip of Mexico.

“As a Canadian and Winter Olympian, I know not only too well the benefit of being able to get away from it all and having a relaxing holiday by the ocean. When we found our resort space it was like we had found heaven on earth. A truly idyllic paradise, with perfect temperatures all year round and the option to hit the sun and the surf every day was just too good to be true” Mullen observed.

The luxury resort provides a wealth of holiday condo and villa accommodation options with ocean-front views and walking access to 750 metres of Palmarito Beach frontage. Over 50% of people who stay in holiday rental accommodation at Vivo Resorts are Canadian nationals (with the other 50% being Mexican locals).

So whether planning a short getaway or setting up a luxurious vacation home, remember ocean access is key. However, for those who find choosing a travel destination stressful, don’t worry the team at Vivo Resorts have already done the hard work for you and found the perfect spot with guaranteed ocean-views.

Go to www.vivoresorts.com for more.

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