The Surge Continues As Confidence Grows

Things are looking up.

In the latest tracking study of American travellers by Longwoods International, the number of travellers with trips in the upcoming months continues to rise.

The study reveals that about a quarter of travellers have trips planned in the next month, and another half have trips scheduled in the next five months.

Following a busy Memorial Day weekend for travel, the impact of rising vaccination rates and falling coronavirus case numbers, hospitalizations and deaths portend a robust summer travel season.

Longwoods International notes that two thirds of travellers feel safe shopping and dining in local stores and restaurants and travelling outside their communities, both measures at their highest levels in more than a year.

Amir Eylon, president and CEO of Longwoods International, points out that: “The pent-up demand for travel after more than a year of lockdown is obvious in the most recent data.”

And Eylon adds: “Americans are confident that they can once again travel safely, and they are hitting the road this summer.”

Drive-to and domestic trips continue to be favoured over air travel and foreign destinations, as Americans adjust to the post-pandemic travel environment. American travellers are split on their plans for remote work in the future. While 54% don’t plan to work remotely in the short to medium term, 29% of American travellers say they do plan to work remotely, with a portion planning to work from a destination away from home.

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