The Tokyo Brand, Old Meets New

Tokyo Tourism and Baxter Media invite all travel professionals to attend an exciting webinar next Wednesday (Jan. 27) at 2 p.m. (EST).

Agents who attend the full duration of the webinar will be given a chance to win one of four prize giveaways.

Tokyo is a fascinating destination that reflects a unique combination of Old traditions, customs, architecture and culture, with a new vibrancy that appeals to visitors of all ages.

A recent feature article in National Geographic magazine asserted that “Tokyo became a Megacity by re-inventing itself” and this webinar will not only illustrate Tokyo as a magnet for tourism but also delve into the details that include excitement, solace, mountains, fresh air, adventure, the arts and culinary bliss.

Next week’s webinar will be presented by Shin Kawai, Tokyo Tourism’s representative in Canada, and Steve Gillick, president of Talking Travel.

To register, visit: