The Travel Corporation, Treadright Help Out


In response to the tragic events in Nepal of April 25, and again on May 12, The Travel Corporation and the TreadRight Foundation have come together with the global travel and tourism community to assist in recovery efforts by donating US$20,000 to the collaborative efforts to support the Nepal tourism industry, spearheaded by the Tourism Cares community.

“In difficult times like these, it is important for the global travel and tourism industry to come together,” said Brett Tollman, CEO and president of The Travel Corporation. “The tourism sector plays an important role in Nepal’s economy, as such, our industry is in a position to leverage our contributions in order to assist with immediate recovery as well as long term support.”

The joint effort will provide financial investments to support the local tourism industry, including community-based tourism projects and social enterprises, so that Nepal can recover in the long term. The importance of this support has become that much more important in light of this second quake. Additionally, the effort will provide global tourism advocacy and communications for Nepal, working with media and association partners to systematically tell the emerging Nepal story of recovery to travel agents, tour operators, the general public, and others vital for driving tourism to Nepal. All funds contributed will be restricted for Nepal recovery, supporting direct program costs and including financial grants, advocacy, program management, etc. To learn more, visit Tourism Cares.

In addition, The Travel Corporation and TreadRight have earmarked a further US$30,000 for rebuilding efforts after the initial relief efforts. Current plans include the rebuilding of a school, in collaboration with

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