The Value Of Off-Peak Travel

While most travellers look to head to Europe in the summer, Trafalgar and Costsaver are offering another option with the launch of their new, off-peak Autumn, Winter and Spring (AWS) trips.

With 41 itineraries across 27 countries on offer, the brands connect clients with Europe’s best experiences, people and destinations with these year-round and Winter specific itineraries.

With a selection of tried and tested favourite trips being offered again for 2019/2020, Trafalgar and Costsaver have also unveiled six new trips in line with clients’ demand for more Europe options year-round.

And reiterating its #AgentsFirst philosophy, the AWS programs feature both brands together in one handy “upside down” brochure, with solutions galore for selling seasonal travel.

Michael Unrath, head of product for Trafalgar Europe, said: “We’ve crafted our trips with the best travel experiences in mind, no matter the season. Smaller towns and communities can often struggle during the quiet seasons when the summer crowds die down for the year. We’re proud to be able to take our groups to many of these destinations, offer experiences that bring Europe to life and connect with the amazing locals and communities that make these destinations so special, at any given time of year.”

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