The Wilderness Group joins Virtuoso

The Wilderness Group – comprised of brands Wilderness Scotland, Wilderness Ireland, and Wilderness England – has joined Virtuoso, the leading global network of agencies specializing in luxury and experiential travel, as a Preferred Supplier.

This strategic partnership further solidifies the Group’s position as a premier provider of high-quality adventure travel experiences.

“Virtuoso membership is a milestone in our journey as a luxury adventure travel company,” says Russell Murray, Head of Trade Partnerships for the Wilderness Group. “It reflects our high standards for delivering unforgettable holiday experiences.”

With a stated mandate as “the only consortia solely focused on the world’s most upscale travel experiences,” the Virtuoso network consists of the best luxury travel advisors, agencies, and partners in the world – now including the Wilderness Group of companies.

About the Wilderness Group

Known for its wide array of hiking and cycling adventures, wildlife-focused itineraries, and rejuvenating wilderness retreats, along with its commitment to sustainable travel, the Wilderness brands also specialize in luxury and bespoke itineraries that go beyond the expected to create “ungoogleable” transformative travel experiences.

From secluded castle stays and exclusive experiences by foot, bike, or kayak, to private access to hidden gems, Wilderness’ team of expert trip designers work with specialist travel advisors to create unforgettable itineraries for their clients, with every moment on the trip infused with an undeniable passion for the UK and Ireland.

Tour highlights with Wilderness

Here are just a few of the highlights of what travelers can expert with every Wilderness adventure:

  • Best Guides in the Industry: Trained to the highest industry standards, Wilderness’ unrivalled team of guides deliver exceptional customer experiences time and time again.
  • Genuine Destination Expertise: With a wealth of combined experience, the Wilderness team have an intimate knowledge of the UK & Ireland’s wild places and their hidden secrets.
  • Handpicked Accommodation: From luxury castles to bespoke guesthouses, Wilderness itineraries offer the most impressive yet undiscovered places to stay in Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales.
  • Sustainable Travel: The principles of “leave no trace” and supporting the local communities they work in are the cornerstones of the Wilderness Group’s commitment to sustainable travel.

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