There’s Light At The End Of The Tunnel

The Jamaica Tourist Board believes the end of the coronavirus pandemic is in sight and that in turn is leading to heightened Canadian interest in Jamaican vacations.

The board staged a virtual product showcase Wednesday, with Canadian director Angella Bennett telling viewers that she and her colleagues are upbeat.

“Finally, we can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” she said.

Donnie Dawson, the tourist board’s deputy director of Americas, said he  too is hopeful.

“I feel a lot of Canadians are going to travel this winter just to get away,” he said, noting we weren’t able to travel last winter.

Dawson said he recently visited Jamaica, with his time there convincing him that the country was “very safe in terms of the (safety) protocols that are in place…I felt very at ease on the island.”

Dawson also labelled travel agents the “best and strongest partners” for Jamaica’s tourism trade. “Jamaica will never stop or waver in our support for you.”

Bennett also expressed gratitude to travel agents.

“We have come this far because of your unwavering support of destination Jamaica…,” she said. “On behalf of Jamaica, I want to thank you for your support…Together we will rise above it (the pandemic).”

Meanwhile, Emma Madsen of the tourist board’s Canadian office said Jamaica is great for honeymooners or those wanting to get married abroad, labelling the country the “romance isle.”

Agents participating in the showcase were able to meet virtually with over 20 suppliers.