This Is Canada Nice

Destination Canada Collaborates With Come From Away Creators

Destination Canada and the creators of Come From Away – the husband and wife duo, Irene Sankoff and David Hein – are collaborating to release a new and original song.

Canada Nice is a song of Canadian pride brought to life with animated visuals by Halifax-based animation studio Wonderlust.

Created as a love letter to Canada, Sankoff and Hein’s lyrics serve as a reminder of the nation’s reputable “niceness” and charm. Together they weave a compelling story of Canada’s diverse people and languages, the beauty of our cities and communities, the historic milestones and scientific achievements born here. From the top of Niagara Falls, to iconic and beloved delicacies from coast to coast to coast,

This is Canada Nice reminds us of Canada’s distinct personality and offers inspiration to explore when the time is right.

Sankoff explained: “When I think about what’s nice about Canada, I think about how diverse my friends and colleagues are, how we all have different backgrounds and interests and we treat each other with respect.”

She continued: “Despite all our differences, we come together as a community to help each other, just like in the story of Come From Away. Even with social distancing in the recording studio, it was a joy to come together to create art again and to celebrate the nice things about Canada.”

Hein said: “We set out to create a 90-second musical conversation about Canada—with people from across the country. We were thrilled to work with some of our heroes. They are all passing the torch of “nice” to each other to define what “Canada Nice” is, accompanied by unique animation and set to a soundtrack of musical styles.”

A varied roster of influential Canadians have lent their voices to This is Canada Nice, including Canadian cast members from Come From Away. Notable additions joining the song include Rita Baga, celebrated Quebecois drag queen; iskwe, Indigenous singer-songwriter; Roberta Bondar, Canada’s first female astronaut and first neurologist in space, in addition to influential authors, athletes and artists.

Destination Canada’s senior vice-president, marketing strategy & chief marketing officer, Gloria Loree pointed out that: “Canada is full of nice—the people, the places, the cultures, the food and everything in between. Nice is not one place or thing; it’s a feeling that lives inside every Canadian. And while the situation for travel is dire and deteriorating, and while many Canadians may not be able to be with friends or loved ones this holiday season, This is Canada Nice is a powerful reminder of the generosity of spirit and pride that connects us all.”

Canada is a country that more than 37 million glowing hearts call home and our warmth and welcome is the badge of honour we wear proudly. There are myriad other inspiring and heartfelt stories like the one famously shared in Come From Away and now This is Canada Nice.

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