This Is Vancouver

Destination Vancouver’s new campaign #ThisIsVancouver highlights to travellers what locals have always known about the city — that the most ordinary experiences are made extraordinary in Vancouver.

The new campaign focuses on four key story pillars that differentiate Vancouver and address the main motivators for travel: connection, adventure, knowledge, and relaxation.

As travel comes back, visitors are looking for connection with people to create new memories. The campaign targets visitors who are travelling for cultural exploration and knowledge and seeking new perspectives through art, culture, and food. And they are travelling for relaxation – to rejuvenate and reset. #ThisIsVancouver playfully presents to prospective visitors how a mundane task like a Zoom call can be extraordinary in Vancouver.

Royce Chwin, President and CEO, Destination Vancouver, said that: “Competition is fierce as destinations try to capitalize on pent up demand to build their visitor economies. Vancouver is focusing on inspiring travellers who want to leave knowing that they, and the destination they choose, are better for their visit.”

Chwin continued: “This campaign highlights that a visit to Vancouver is transformative, inclusive, and culturally rich.”

Fresh new imagery, as well as iconic shots with a new perspective, immerse the viewer in a particular experience and convey uniqueness through a sense of movement and dynamism. The creative execution of the campaign focuses on grabbing attention, capturing the imagination, and inspiring action by focusing on themes including:

  • Immersion in nature
  • A vibrant city
  • Reconnection
  • Celebration and joy
  • Wellness
  • Fresh outlook

The new campaign will run in BC, Ontario, and Alberta, as well as Washington State, throughout this spring and summer.

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