TIAC Welcomes Joly Cabinet Appointment

TIAC is welcoming the appointment of Mélanie Joly as Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages, continuing the strong relationship built between the Minister and TIAC during the previous government.

Charlotte Bell, president and CEO of TIAC, commented: “We look forward to building on the important tourism foundation that was built with Minister Joly as she enters her newly expanded role of Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages.”

And she continued: “Tourism is one of Canada’s key economic drivers that touches Canadians from coast to coast to coast across a range of industries, and we are proud to see Tourism included amongst Canada’s leading economic priorities in this new portfolio. Minister Joly has always fought hard for Tourism, and we trust that this will continue.”

In 2018, tourism garnered $102 billion for the Canadian economy, by far surpassing many other industries – accounting for 2.1% of Canada’s GDP and supporting 1.8 million jobs for Canadians. It is also Canada’s largest service export, contributing $22.1 billion to the economy.

Said Bell: “The sheer economic strength of tourism that goes far and beyond other industries is an important point to highlight as we welcome the Minister in her expanded capacity. TIAC recognizes the important role Minister Joly has played in advancing Tourism in Canada. Her expanded role will allow her even greater ability to deliver on important initiatives including the implementation of Tourism as the 7th Economic Strategy Table and the roll-out of Canada’s New Tourism Growth Strategy.”

Bell also pointed out that: “Canada’s visitor economy has received cross-party support, with tourism commitments included in every major party platform in the last election. TIAC has developed a strong, productive relationship with the Minister. We look forward to continuing our work together in support of this important economic engine and job creator for the country. ”

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