Agents Must Inform Clients About Zika Virus: TICO


In response to calls and e-mails regarding the Zika virus, TICO is advising registrants that they have a duty to warn customers of reports of the virus.

According to one TICO regulation, “before reserving travel services for a customer, a travel agent shall bring to the customer’s attention any conditions relating to the purchase of travel services that the travel agent has reason to believe may affect the customer’s decision to purchase.” To satisfy this section of the regulation, an agent is obligated to inform customers of any safety concerns relating to their travel destination at the time of making the reservations, whether or not the Federal Government has issued a travel advisory in relation to that destination.

According to TICO, agents may also have a continuing obligation to inform customers of a deteriorating situation in the travel destination after the travel services have been reserved.

The Public Health Agency of Canada has recommendations for travellers to protect themselves against mosquito bites. To access the Travel Health Advisory, visit The World Heath Organization also has useful information at For Foreign Affairs Canada information,