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TICO approves claims

TICO’s board of directors approved the payment of $34,430.43 to assist 42 consumers who did not receive the travel services for which they had paid. These payments were due to the closures of 2000 Tours Inc. in London ($901.74); 1344288 Ontario Inc. o/a Apex International Travel in Markham ($19,047.99); 1821284 Ontario Inc. o/a Atlas Air Travel in Toronto ($9,261.12); Dolphin Travel in Toronto ($2,030.00) and Minfare Travel Inc. o/a Minfare Travel in Mississauga ($3,189.58). Three claims were denied by the board — two of those claims were rejected as they did not contain sufficient documentation to prove a claim and one claim was denied as the claim was based on a payment for travel services that were available, but not received because of an act or a failure to act on the part of the customer or person travelling. As well, the board deferred one claim pending further information. Go to for more.

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