TICO Extends Fee Deferral

As the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 crisis continues to place severe financial strain on all registrants, TICO has extended its original 90-day fee deferral on all fees effective immediately. (See Chart)

In a bulletin to all registrants, TICO also reminds that Renewal applications and Compensation Fund assessments (Form 1) must continue to be submitted to TICO on-time, consistent with required reporting timelines to support continued registration under the Travel Industry Act, 2002.

As for the deferral, TICO advises that there is no action required by registrants to qualify.

It also notes that if registrants have already remitted fees for a prior period, or for the above periods, please note that TICO will not accept requests for refunds and appreciates your continued support and understanding.

As well, it advises registrants to refrain from using couriers to send in their forms and use email or regular mail instead.

Registrants who may otherwise be remitting payment by cheque are strongly encouraged to use online banking through their financial institution.

For more, go to www.tico.ca .