TICO issues closure advisory for American Queen Voyages

TICO is advising of the Feb. 20 closure of American Queen Voyages (AQV), and that it has filed for Chapter 11 to conduct its business shutdown. All future cruises have been cancelled.

TICO also advises that AQV has outlined a three-step process for consumers to follow to receive refunds from Argo Surety.

More information about this refund process is available at or, however, TICO notes that at times, this website appears to be offline.

TICO says that as it’s not known how long the Argo Surety consumer claims process will take or what the level of reimbursement may be, it is advising consumers to file a claim with the Ontario Travel Industry Compensation Fund at the same time to avoid missing the claim filing deadline of Aug. 21, 2024.

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