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Animated suitcases charging across the African landscape like a herd of zebras are the stars of The Travel Industry Council of Ontario’s (TICO) new television ad campaign launched today (April 22). The 30-second ads air on Global TV, CTV, OMNI and CBC in Ontario for six weeks. The campaign will be followed by 30-second radio ads on 680 News in July and full page magazine in summer and fall. The campaign also includes social media activity at and outreach to TICO’s 2,500 registrants. View the new ad at . Ads created by The Marketing Garage target travellers looking for the professionalism and reliability that travel agencies registered with TICO provide, which is especially relevant when booking trips that require specialized knowledge and greater expense, according to a recent industry survey by TICO. “Our ads respond to findings that consumers want travel agents’ knowledge, integrity and professionalism whether they book online or in person. Consumers feel their travel dollars are best protected by working with a TICO-registered company,”said TICO president Michael Pepper. The 2013 registrant survey done by TICO found travel agencies are hearing more people say they are looking for the TICO logo when booking holidays and more customers are no longer relying solely on their own internet research, a trend most prevalent among frequent travellers over age 45. “Travel is an important investment and consumers want the protection and value that comes with using an experienced agent. Consumers want assurances that if anything goes awry, they have an expert to help and safeguards for their travel dollars, which is provided by our Travel Compensation Fund,”said Pepper. The consumer desire for expertise and protection are reflected in the TICO ads that build on the imagery of a safari, one of the more expensive and aspirational travel experiences a consumer may book.

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