TICO Lays Charges

The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) has charged Albarkah Travel and Tours Inc. with the following:

  • One count of failing to notify the Registrar of a change of business address.
  • Two counts of failing to explain to the customer any requirements or limitations relating to the transfer or cancellation of travel services.
  • 20 counts of failing to promptly provide the customer with a statement, invoice or receipt.
  • 14 counts of failing to hold all money received from the customer for travel services in trust and depositing all money into the trust account within two banking days of receiving it.

In addition, Mahmood Bashir is charged with being an Officer and Director of a corporation and failing to take reasonable care to prevent the Corporation from committing an offence.

Bashir will appear in court at 4085 Palladium Way in Burlington, Ontario on May 7, 2021 at 9 am.

Albarkah Travel and Tours Inc. had its registration revoked resulting from allegations of non-compliance with the Travel Industry Act, 2002, including requirements for financial reporting, working capital, trust accounting, and alleged non-compliance with conditions and orders on registration resulting from earlier action taken by TICO.

Additionally, consumers have come forward stating that they did not receive the travel services they had paid for from Albarkah Travel and Tours Inc.

Go to www.tico.ca for more.