TICO Providing More Relief For Registrants

In a message to Ontario registrants, TICO president & CEO and Registrar, Richard Smart advises: “We recognize that the impact of the COVID-19 crisis continues to cause registrants severe financial strain. We are pleased to share that the Ontario Government will be providing new funding to the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) so that we can assist travel agents and wholesalers through these difficult times. This financial support will also allow TICO to maintain a focus on its important consumer protection mandate.”

Smart continues: “With this financial support, travel agents and wholesalers will benefit from a fee waiver for annual registration renewal fees and Travel Industry Compensation Fund payments (“Form-1”) owed to TICO between April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022. This will allow registrants to focus on their priority business needs without the added financial stress of meeting certain payment obligations with TICO. The waiver applies to all registrants registered with TICO as of March 31, 2021.”

And he adds: “Please note that registrants subject to the waiver are still required to complete and submit their Registration Renewal Form (without payment) and their Form-1 (without payment) by the filing deadline,” before noting that: “Both TICO and the Ontario government are committed to working with our industry partners to support the recovery of the travel industry.”

Lisa Thompson, Minister of Government and Consumer Services, said that: “The travel industry has been hard hit during the course of this pandemic. That is why we are providing additional funding to ensure that TICO is able to continue their operations. This funding will also enable TICO to provide some support to registrants through the waiver of registrant fees.”

And Thompson adds: “We all look forward to a time when we can once again enjoy travel with friends and family; that means ensuring travel agents and wholesalers are supported as our economy recovers.”

Richard Smart, TICO’s President and CEO, observed: “TICO appreciates the continued support of the Ontario government in the provision of financial assistance. We remain focused on maintaining consumer protection and effective regulation of Ontario’s travel industry despite the persistent and extraordinary challenges brought on by COVID-19. We value the opportunity this assistance affords in enabling us to continue supporting our registrants during this difficult time.”

This financial relief is in addition to a similar fee waiver for registrants implemented last year for fees owing between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021. The Ontario government and TICO recognize that registrants may require additional financial support during the pandemic to assist with business recovery efforts. This fee waiver is in addition to other COVID-19 relief programs provided by the province which can be found here.

We understand that you may have additional questions relating to your registration renewal fees and Travel Industry Compensation Fund payments. TICO continues to support consumers and registrants impacted by COVID-19 and will continue to provide updates and information as they become available.

While TICO is operating remotely, registrants can get more information by going to https://www.tico.ca/news/registrar-bulletins/393-registrar-bulletin.html

Questions can be directed to [email protected] or toll free at 1-888-451-TICO (8426).