TICO Talks Trends To Mark Travel Agent Day

TICO sent out a big thank you to Ontario travel agents, commending them for their passion and dedication in providing exceptional service and consumer protection to their clients.

Richard Smart, TICO’s CEO, said: “It has been a challenging three years for the travel industry, but Ontario’s travel agents have proven their expertise, professionalism and commitment to their clients day after day.”

Smart pointed out that: “Travel agents are an integral part of Ontario’s travel consumer protection framework and play a vital role in ensuring consumers have added peace of mind as they purchase travel.”

TICO conducts yearly research with Ontario consumers to better understand their perceptions and sentiments around travel and consumer protection.

And on Travel Agent Day 2023, TICO outlined the findings of its latest survey. The research highlights Ontarians’ current concerns and preferences around travel, and opportunities for travel agents to highlight the value of consumer protection.

Said  Smart: “We are sharing this report to provide additional insights for Ontario’s registered travel agencies, booking websites, and tour operators. By having additional data on the issues that are top-of-mind for consumers, there may be new opportunities for TICO registrants to tailor their services to address consumer concerns.”

During what has at times been a volatile travel environment, consumers continue to value the added peace of mind that comes with TICO’s consumer protection. To help spread the word among your clients, consider downloading some of the shareable resources in TICO’s Registrant Toolkit at https://tico.ca/toolkit/