Travelport, Amex GBT Renew Deal

Travelport and American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT) announced they have renewed their strategic relationship with a multi-year agreement which includes the use of Travelport’s next generation selling platform, Travelport+. Enhancements in Travelport+ are targeted to improve access to content, providing more retailing capabilities and enhancing productivity for travel counselors.

Jason Toothman, Chief Commercial Officer – Agency at Travelport, said: “We value our relationship with Amex GBT which has lasted more than 40 years.  Deepening our collaboration by using Travelport+ will benefit both Amex GBT and its business customers.”

Toothman continued: “Combining Amex GBT’s expertise with our modern travel retailing tools will ultimately improve how corporate travel is managed. The introduction of Travelport+ servicing capabilities and retailing improvements will ensure continued focus on delivering customer, traveler and supplier value to Amex GBT’s marketplace.”

John Bukowski, Vice President, Content and Strategic Sourcing, said: “Our agreement with Travelport remains focused on innovation and ensuring our customers have access to the broadest set of content while continuing to deliver best-in-class servicing.”

Bukowski said: “Our planned upgrade to Travelport+ and shared vision to advance travel retailing with modern technology and process simplification will help the Amex GBT marketplace deliver on its promise and fuel our mission to drive progress through travel.”