Time To Start Swimming

As Gal Hana sees it, while the industry may have some time on its collective hands, that down time is the perfect opportunity to improve processes and efficiency. The Consul & Director of Tourism Canada for the Israel Ministry of Tourism also points out that technology will play a key role in these areas.

In a question and answer session, Hana observed: “As many of your readers are aware, Israel was one of the first countries that got hit by the second wave of the pandemic. Just like more countries nowadays, the numbers spiked very fast, and we needed respond and go back with restrictions and a lockdown. Thankfully, the fast response quickly lowered the numbers of new cases and brought Israel back on the track.”

And he continued: “These days, we are gradually and responsibly lifting those restrictions. Moreover, there are signs of optimism with approval for business travel to Israel and the recent decision to make Eilat, our sun escape city and the Dead Sea region COVID-19-free sites that people can visit without quarantine and restrictions.”

He added that: “I believe that this creative approach is the way to deal with the situation. The industry implemented protocols and procedures to guarantee people’s safety but also their satisfaction and I believe that this combination will make the recovery process shorter then other destinations.”

For the full story, check out this week’s issue of CANADIAN TRAVEL PRESS.