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Time To Visit Antigua

It’s summer time and Antigua and Barbuda are promoting the fact that it’s the perfect time to visit the islands.

The push is all part of Antigua and Barbuda’s Summer Lovin’ campaign that offers up to 50% off on vacations booked during the summer months through certain travel companies, resorts and airlines.

The Verandah Resort and Spa is one of the island’s best family resorts, featuring a mini-golf course, a huge outdoor playground, a kid’s pool with a fountain and much more.

Verandah also happens to be 50% off right now, as is St. James’s Club & Villas and South Point Antigua, among others with varying discounts and special offers.

Depending on budget and age of children, Antigua’s array of adventure and eco-tours are a great way to keep the kids entertained for a break from lounging on one of the island’s 365 beaches.

Inland, the donkey sanctuary, zip lining and Nelson’s Dockyard come highly recommended for families.

Nelson’s Dockyard is a UNESCO Heritage Site with an excellent child-friendly museum and a beautiful boardwalk with plenty of sights to admire.

Devil’s Bridge is a destination sure to pique a child’s curiosity; legend has it if you throw two eggs into the blowhole, the devil will keep one and throw the other back.

In the water, families can pet friendly rays at Stingray City, soar across crystal waters on a catamaran or explore the ocean’s wonders on a glass-bottomed boat.

For younger kids, Antigua is an ideal spot for learning to snorkel and for playing in the water, as the beaches are naturally protected by the area’s coral reefs.

For more, go to http://www.visitantiguabarbuda.com .

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