To Travel Or Not To Travel, That’s The Question

How Can Advisors Promote Travelling Responsibly During The Pandemic?

Destinations around the world rely heavily on tourism to survive. But at a time when the government has advisories in place against non-essential travel, how does one promote travel responsibly in the age of COVID-19?

Travel Courier caught up with advisors who travelled internationally during the pandemic to learn more about their reasons for going and what they learned in the process.

Although she received some backlash, Pauline Blacoe of Shine Travel was met with overwhelmingly positive comments on social media after posting photos and videos from a fam trip to The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun in November.

“I had many that noted how irresponsible it was of me to travel during a pandemic, but I was doing my job. It was time. I know once the two week quarantine is lifted or other options, ie. rapid testing are in place, many will want to travel — many do now but are leery because of the unknown,” Blacoe tells Travel Courier. “The title of my Facebook album was Leading by Example, which was exactly what I was trying to do, for my clients, but also for others within the industry.”

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