Toronto Takes in the Cowboy State


Whether it’s experiencing the first national state park, Yellowstone National Park, or taking a hike along a mountain range in Grand Teton National Park, representatives from The Wyoming Office of Tourism gathered in Toronto last night (March 2) to promote why travellers should come to Wyoming, and to share images and videos from the latest That’s WY campaign.

“What’s really great about Wyoming is that we have an abundance of adventure so if you are into rock climbing, hiking, rafting, anything that you can do outside we have here,” Chris Mickey, media and PR manager, told PressToday at the event. “We really are looking to invite those people who are adventure seekers, that doesn’t mean they’re thrill seekers, and if they are we have plenty of that, but even if you are a leisurely person looking for a nature walk somewhere they’ve never been before, we have that.”

For potential travellers concerned about the weak dollar, Jennifer Adu, Americas – market development manager, says many hotels are offering very budget-friendly solutions.

Canada is the top international market for the Cowboy State.

“We really wanted to get the word out about Wyoming, where it is and what we have to offer for travellers,” he says. “We get more visitors from Canada than any other country other than domestically in the US, but we really still feel like not enough Canadians come see us… and we think more and more will come especially now that a lot more people are focused on the outdoors and I think that’s what we have to offer here.”

Pictured at the event are Adu and Mickey.