Tour company opts for brutal honesty

Put away those adjectives. Move away from those photoshop commands. And go for brutal honesty. That’s what Geckos Adventures has done with its new worldwide marketing campaign which features text that says: “May your stories be f***ing epic.” And it’s completely unapologetic for its approach. “We’re not trying to be controversial for controversy’s sake,” says Glenyce Johnson, managing director of the Australian company. The brand, she says, is simply reflecting the culture of its 18 to 35 clientele, for whom the “F” word is just part of the vocabulary. Keeping the same authentic tone, all the images in the brochure have been shot by Geckos Adventures clients and guides and reflect what people will actually see on one of their tours. The company offers small group tours to Africa, Asia, Europe, South and Central America and Antarctica and prides itself on its gritty honesty in marketing. It calls out to potential clients who “don’t want to be spoon fed.” Who don’t mind eating weird food. And who want to be treated by their host tour operator with humour and honesty. “I really like Geckos’ approach in speaking directly to and reaching their target,” says Steven Larkin of Adventure Center, Geckos’ exclusive sales agent for North America. “Their revamped brochures and web site reflect not just their usual promise of ‘great trips, great experiences and great value,’ but are refreshing in their in-your-face honesty,” Larkin said. Or as the traditional Geckos blessing puts it: “May your heart be light, your step swift and your stories f***ing epic.” Find out more at .