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Tour Of Cave Reveals Fragile Ecosystem

On Kauai ATV’s four-hour Makauwahi Cave Tour, guests will see pristine landscapes from makai (ocean) to mauka (mountain), using plantation trails on Kauai’s southernmost point. And they will encounter fragile ecosystems when they visit the Makauwahi Cave Reserve, the most important dig site in the Hawaiian Islands.

There they will learn how to help in preserving native endangered species and Hawaiian culture.

The fossil-rich, limestone Makauwahi Cave has attracted archaeologists and visitors from around the world.

The tour also visits Kauai movie-production sites and shares the history of sugar plantations in Hawaii.

A portion of the tour’s proceeds support the Makauwahi Cave Reserve.

The Tortoise Ranch at the reserve will teach guests about animal species and endemic plants as well as how techniques of the future are helping to preserve the past.

Kauai ATV has partnered with Polaris Adventures to provide an off-road experience in comfort, using a new fleet of 2019/2020 RZR ATVs.

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