Thrilled but cautious

Canadian tour operators are applauding the Indian government’s decision to once again issue visas for Canadians who want to travel to the destination.

Goway’s Moira Smith summed up the sentiments of operators, telling Travel Courier’s Ian Stalker that: “We are thrilled.”

Renata Snidr of NARAT was also glad to see a resolution of the visa issue but noted tension remains between Ottawa and New Delhi.

Snidr observed: “The relatively short time in which the decision was made is potentially an indication of the importance the travel sector plays in Canada-India commerce. As a tour company which carries exotic products, including operating several Asian tours, India has been a staple and popular destination in our inventory for many years. In fact, NARAT operates one of the most comprehensive tours of India that combine the principal sightseeing experiences of the country.”

But Snidr added: “We are, nonetheless, being cautious at this time in actively marketing the destination due to the evolving political situation between Canada and India. Our priority remains to ensure a streamlined and concern-free travel process on all our products for travel consumers. We would reevaluate our latitude promoting India in the upcoming year, taking into consideration progress made between the governments, and consumer sentiment.”

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