Tourism Ireland has saved you a seat

Tourism Ireland’s latest promotion to help spread the word about The Gathering Ireland 2013 has become an Internet sensation with its video “We’ve Saved you a Seat”clocking up more than 580,000 views on YouTube since its launch. The video, starring Irish comedian Andrew Maxwell, is a cheeky and humorous introduction to The Gathering by the film’s “hero”Maxwell as he highlights various Gathering events – including the Redhead Convention, the Left-handed Festival, the Town of 1,000 Beards and the Messiah Gathering. It’s punchy and fast and full of humour (including Andrew Maxwell donning a Michael Flatley wig as he “Riverdances”through Dublin’s famous cobbled streets in Temple Bar) with Maxwell ably assisted by a supporting cast of hundreds all inviting the world to “be part of it.”The Gathering is Ireland’s biggest ever tourism initiative, consisting of a year-long program of m ore than 3,000 festivals, events and gatherings in all corners of the country. Young or old there is a Gathering for everyone to enjoy with forthcoming highlights including: The Riverdance Festival; 25 international sports tournaments with teams from Canada, the US, UK and Europe competing; the unforgettable Redhead Convention, the Left-Handed Festival and Bog Snorkeling Championships; Choral Gatherings including The Messiah Gathering, Cork Choral Gathering and the inaugural Limerick Sings event; arts, music and food festivals up and down the country from Kilkenny, to Waterford, to the isle of Inisboffin; members of the tribes of Galway living in North America are invited to compete in an Oyster eating competition at next year’s Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival; a special jazz Gathering at the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival with over 1,000 music students from around the world in Ireland for a weekend of free jazz education.Watch the video here: .