Tourism Ireland Is Back And Ready To Go

Tourism Ireland is back.

Well, in truth, the tourism organization was never that far away, hosting a range of virtual activities and providing support to its partners here is Canada throughout the pandemic.

So, let’s start this again …

Tourism Ireland is back and that’s back and in-person, hosting a group of about 20 of its Canadian airline and tour operator partners at a small gathering at the Black Sheep – yes, it is an Irish pub — in Toronto’s Liberty Village yesterday (Oct. 26).

Alison Metcalfe, executive vice-president, USA & Canada and Sandra Moffatt, Manager, Canada, told the gathering that the tourism organization is going to be working with its partners here and in other key markets to build demand through its Green Button campaign that was launched recently.

That campaign is designed to drive bookings for short breaks and holidays to Ireland in the coming months and delivers a very clear ‘book now’ message, creating a commitment to travel by pressing a green button – green being the colour of ‘go’ and the colour universally connected with the island of Ireland.

Looking ahead to 2022, Tourism Ireland will be continuing to target the “culturally curious” traveller, particularly those with a strong intent to travel.

Timing is everything these days and in conversation with Press Today, Metcalfe observed that the traditional pre-pandemic booking windows or seasonality are “out the window” right now.

But she noted that research by Tourism Ireland indicates that if there is a ‘window’ it is 45 days between when the consumer first looks and when they book.

“The desire to travel hasn’t changed, but some of the considerations have,” Metcalfe told Press Today.

As for the Green Button campaign, Tourism Ireland’s manager, Canada, Sandra Moffatt said: “Our ‘Green Button’ campaign is a multi-media promotional campaign that will be seen by [over] 10 million people across Canada. It aims to generate awareness of Ireland and drive bookings for short breaks and holidays in Ireland, between now and the end of 2021. Our key message is that we cannot wait to roll out the green carpet and welcome back visitors from Canada.”

Watch for more on Ireland in an upcoming issue of Canadian Travel Press.