Tourism Ireland Celebrates Irish Heritage Month

Irish tourism board eyes are smiling these days and with good reason.

The worldwide drop in COVID-19 cases has led Ireland to drop its COVID restrictions for those wanting to enter the country and allow the likes of parades and other events, making the country more attractive to potential visitors.

“Ireland is open and as of last Sunday we removed all travel restrictions,” Jocelyn Black of Tourism Ireland’s Toronto office said during a Thursday Toronto event.

Tourism Ireland’s Canadian director Sandra Moffatt in turn said that it has been a “challenging couple of years” for the travel industry but added there are now welcome developments for Ireland, including increased air access with direct flights from five Canadian cities to her homeland.

“It’s never been easier to get there,” she said at an event held as St. Patrick’s Day draws near.

The country no longer requires those wanting to enter the likes of restaurants, bars and nightclubs to produce proof that they’ve been vaccinated.

Moffatt said there are 4.5 million Canadians with Irish ancestry, underscoring strong ties between this country and her’s.

The event was held in an Irish bar and featured Irish music and dancing, with tourism authorities frequently citing Irish culture as a mainstay of its tourism trade.

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Seen here are Tourism Ireland’s Sandra Moffatt and Jocelyn Black