Tourisme Montréal Sets Lofty Goals

City Hopes to Attract 13.5 Million Tourists Annually by 2022

Tourisme Montréal has unveiled new strategic priorities to officially launch the summer tourist season and unveil the city’s newest tourism drivers.

The organization, whose work involves promoting Montreal as a destination, is looking to attract 13.5 million tourists annually by 2022. That is more than two million than in 2017 and represents an annual increase of 6%.

“Our intention is to refine our tourism development strategy and open the doors to promising new markets, such as Japan, in order to maximize the economic spinoffs generated by the tourism industry,” said Yves Lalumière, president and CEO of Tourisme Montréal. “We’ve set an ambitious goal of generating an additional 1.5 million night stays in commercial accommodations by 2022 — an increase of more than 30% from 2017.”

Tourisme Montréal has committed to building market intelligence on visitors coming to the city to enable more effective consumer targeting. The organization will also continue promoting the city as a creative and open destination while stepping up efforts to improve initiatives related to welcoming tourists and developing new products.

For the next five years, Tourisme Montréal’s main priorities will revolve around:

!!! Optimizing Montreal’s commercial performance to respond to capacity increases; Develop new tourism markets and strengthen international ties; Highlighting Montreal’s authenticity and creativity, emphasize the unique urban character of the Montreal brand; Focusing the organization’s activities on the visitor experience, improve tourist welcome strategies, customize traveller stays and offer an authentic experience; Contributing actively to the development of the destination’s urban appeal; Support and stimulate the development of innovative projects, cultural neighbourhoods and high-potential initiatives.

Tourisme Montréal anticipates that tourism numbers will rise 4% this year, as new attractions ensure that this year will be as dynamic as 2017.


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