TourRadar Embarks On A New Adventure  

TourRadar launched the Adventure Booking Platform (ABP) category, alongside the next-gen distribution technology that will play a central role in accelerating growth of the global adventure tourism industry to over $1 trillion over the next decade during its inaugural Adventure Together event dedicated to the multi-day tour industry.

With travel essentially shutdown by the global pandemic, TourRadar used the time to pause and reimagine what tourism could be when people were ready to start travelling again.

As the industry recovers, CEO and Co-Founder Travis Pittman and his team strongly believe now is the time to be bold, create a new category and build out a technology platform and business model that moves beyond just being a multi-day tour OTA.

At the Adventure Together event – attended by hundreds of online and offline travel agencies, tour operators, and DMOs – Pittman unveiled the Adventure Booking Platform (ABP) category and B2B Adventure Distribution model.

Before the pandemic, TourRadar was a B2C multi-day tour OTA with 2,500 operators listing their products on the site.

Its inventory of multi-day products is second to none and its B2C business model connects these operators with travellers all over the globe, providing the ability to book high-basket group tours online.

With the announcement of the Adventure Booking Platform category, TourRadar is now on a mission to be the first-mover and drive the democratization of adventure tourism, providing a positive impact on people and the planet.

As for what an Adventure Booking Platform is exactly, well as TourRadar explains it, an ABP encompasses both a B2C marketplace and a B2B distribution arm.

As the leading ABP, TourRadar is connected to over 2,500 operators whose adventures can be booked directly through the marketplace or alternatively through travel agencies and resellers, previously unbookable via a single platform.

In addition to its core business of Group adventures, TourRadar has also rolled out the functionality for travelers to book Private, Tailor-made and Self-guided adventures on the platform.

Said Pittman: “Our goal is to rebuild travel in a better way in the post-pandemic world. We want more people to get out of the main tourist hubs and experience themselves and the planet on a new more meaningful and sustainable level. There is no better solution to this than organized adventures.”

As for why TourRadar is calling multi-day tours, adventures, it’s because it believes more people want to be able to get out of their comfort zones and take big or small adventures close or far away from home.

An adventure, TourRadar points out, is a collection of experiences that are fulfilling to the soul and typically put people in touch with nature, local communities, and cultures more responsibly than some of the typical mainstream travel products.

And, the company adds, Adventures can appeal to all demographics as they can range from a food & wine tour in Tuscany to an Everest base camp trek.

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