TourRadar Launches Suite Of Sustainability Tools

TourRadar has launched a new suite of tools and initiatives to encourage sustainable travel as the company looks to build back better after the pandemic. It kicked off the launch by joining the Future of Tourism Coalition, a non-profit initiative that aims to place destination needs at the centre of tourism’s new future.

And its new initiatives to support responsible travel include:

  • Carbon Offsets: in partnership with CHOOOSE, TourRadar customers can now calculate the amount of carbon created from the air travel, accommodation, and ground transportation of their tour, and then contribute to a curated list of nature-based carbon mitigation projects designed to decrease travel’s carbon footprint.
  • Showcasing Sustainability: TourRadar will now showcase how tour operators are incorporating sustainability into their tours. Customers will have a better understanding of which tours are operated by businesses with sustainable initiatives, tours that are led by locals or are locally-owned, and tours where purchase supports community development and environmental projects. To do this, TourRadar has started to roll out a refresh of their operator pages so that information on sustainability is more easily available to customers.
  • Responsible Travel Tips: TourRadar has made a commitment to providing information on responsible travel throughout its website and online magazine, Days to Come. Within destination travel guides, travelers can now find tips on visiting their dream destination responsibly, as well as find information on how the destination itself is making sustainable travel possible.

Travis Pittman, TourRadar’s co-founder and CEO, observed that: “Our vision has always been to connect people to life-enriching travel experiences. Travel has the ability not just to enrich our lives but also the lives of other people and living things around us. These sustainable initiatives are small steps in the right direction that we hope inspire other companies and marketplaces throughout the industry to do the same.”

Jeremy Sampson, chair of the Coalition and CEO of the Travel Foundation, said: “We are delighted to welcome TourRadar to the Future of Tourism Coalition” “They join a growing global community of nearly 600 businesses, governments and other organizations who are committed to working together to place destination communities at the heart of tourism. With their extensive network of over 2,500 tour operators in more than 200 countries, TourRadar can provide the reach and scale we need to bring about real change.”

As travel starts to recover, TourRadar wants to build back better by making a more informed traveler and nudging customers to make responsible travel choices. Aviation alone accounts for at least 2% of global carbon emissions. Despite being a marketplace that offers everyone a choice, TourRadar realizes it has a role to play in making it easier for travelers to address the carbon footprints of their journeys.

Through simple steps, TourRadar customers can now ensure that the carbon emissions from their flight, ground transportation, and accommodation are being counted for and reduced via some of the best climate projects around the world. These offset contributions will go directly to supporting CO2-reducing climate projects that have been verified by the most comprehensive and stringent international standards.

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