TourRadar Pieces Together The Payment Puzzle for Organized Adventures

In his introduction to the Solving the Payments’ Puzzle session at Adventure Together held recently in Vienna, Austria, TourRadar’s Sean Hebert observed that: “In this industry, managing payments between customers, travel agents, tour operators and the multitude of other third parties involved in making [organized] adventure tick, sometimes feels like untangling a knot.”

But it’s clearly a knot that TourRadar believes is worth untangling and during the mid-October event, the company’s co-founder and CFO, Shawn Pittman walked the audience – both in-person and virtual – through TourRadar Payments – the company’s solution to what Pittman referred to as the Payments Puzzle.

“I’m here to unravel a puzzle at the core of the organized adventure industry – the Payments Puzzle,” Pittman began, observing that: “In our industry, the term payments is predominantly associated with processing transactions from customers.”

But TourRadar’s CFO continued: “While the concept seems straightforward, in a world where most bookings require cross-border transactions, enabling customers to pay has so many intricate layers.”

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