TourRadar Steps Up Its Black Friday Game For Agents

TourRadar’s Black Friday Sale news continues as more than 15 operators have cranked up commission exclusively for travel advisors using TourRadar’s organized adventure platform.

During TourRadar’s Black Friday Sale from Nov. 20 to Nov. 30, advisors can enjoy increased commissions of up to 17%, setting the stage for an even more profitable Black Friday for TourRadar’s advisor partners.

These handpicked operators, including Europamundo (Europe adventures), Vacations to Go (Egypt adventures), and DOT Travel (Mediterranean adventures), all known for exceptional service and seamless travel experiences, increasing their commitment to travel advisors.

Travis Pittman, CEO and Co-Founder of TourRadar, observed: “This unprecedented move marks a significant milestone in our commitment to empowering travel advisors worldwide. We are thrilled to see our esteemed partners stepping up to enhance the earning potential of our valued agents, fostering a dynamic ecosystem that fosters growth and rewards dedication.” By offering this exclusive commission boost, TourRadar, and these operators are set to foster a deeper bond between travel advisors and their clients, ensuring a win-win situation for all.”

Other operators offering higher commissions in addition to Black Friday deals include Swastik India (India adventures), Fez Travels (Turkey and Greece adventures), Choose Balkans (Balkans adventures), Holiday in Egypt (Egypt adventures), Legend Travel Group (Asia adventures), Highland Experience (Scotland adventures), Timeless Tours (Jordan adventures), Georgian Holidays (Georgia and Azerbaijan adventures), Penguin Travel (Bulgaria adventures), Discover Morocco (Morocco adventures), Palma DMC, (Balkans and Italy adventures), Interrailing Packages (Europe), East Africa Safari Bookers (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda adventures), Beyond the Nile (Egypt adventures), INTRO Travel (Asia adventures), Irish Experience Tours (Ireland), Interrailing Packages (Multicountry Europe adventures), Irish Experience Tours, (Ireland adventures), among others.

Said Pittman: “TourRadar continues to pave the way for elevated earning opportunities as the Black Friday Sale draws nearer, placing agents at the forefront of an industry that celebrates their dedication and hard work. With these increased commissions, agents can seize the opportunity to craft unforgettable adventures for their clients with deals of up to 70 percent off on our most popular destinations in Q4 and the top ten destinations being booked for 2024 while reaping the benefits of an even more prosperous Black Friday season.”