Tours Hai Departs Ontario Market

aaa-japanese temple

Montreal-based Asia specialist Tours Hai International is undergoing developments that will see it leave the Ontario market.

Carole Lebrun and partner Sylvie Myre have decided to work together to create a new company called Objectif Monde that would add Jolivac, a tour operator specializing in Europe, and Tours Hai for product diversification.

The paperwork is finished and participants are now working on the merger of the entities. Tours Hai will keep its product line and will publish a brochure on its Asia products in April. However in the wake of these changes, Tours Hai has given up its TICO licence and will no longer sell its tours to the English market outside of Quebec.

“There is plenty to do for the French for now, and in 2017 once all companies have reorganized their product offers we will see if we need to extend again to the ROC,” Tours Hai said.

Tours Hai will move from its present location to the offices of Jolivac on Buchan Street in the Town of Mount Royal on Jan. 22 and expects to be fully operational by Feb 1. Phone numbers and e-mails will remain the same.