TPI Salutes The Women Of Travel

TPI will be showcasing the stories of incredible icons of the travel industry to its members to celebrate International Women’s Day today and, to celebrate Women’s History Month which takes place in March.

Zeina Gedeon, president and CEO of TPI, said that: “The theme of this year is Choose to Challenge — perfectly befitting this time in history as we continue to face some of the greatest challenges that we have ever experienced in our lives. Today, on International Women’s Day, let’s take a moment to celebrate our achievements for this year and acknowledge the courage that allowed us to navigate through the rough waters of this pandemic.”

Gedeon continued: “It is my honour to salute the incredible women who, despite all hurdles, have continued to accelerate the progress for change. Your trajectory may have changed since March 2020, you’ve seen your business crumble, there have been some very tough days, but as we look around, we see strong businesswomen finding their voice, focusing on recovery and building forward.”

And she said that: “On IWD, let’s be reminded that we can always choose to challenge and use our voices and actions to inspire others in our lives to do the same, to come together collectively and continue to build on the momentum that continues to shape the future.”

Gedeon concluded: “Together we will stand in support of one another to rebuild our industry and make lasting impacts globally.”

Each Monday in March, TPI will highlight Female Travel Industry Icons to their members so they can learn more about their stories.

The first profile featured was of Edith Baxter, Editor-In-Chief & Co-Founder of Baxter Media.

Here’s the story:

“For over 50 years, Mrs. B – as she was known throughout the industry, both in Canada and around the world — helmed the editorial operations of Baxter Media.”

“Over the course of her career, she set the bar high for her staff, believing that Canadian Travel Press (and Baxter Media’s stable of publications) had a responsibility to ensure that coverage was balanced and honest, telling each and every story covered clearly and fairly. That approach helped her earn respect and friendship throughout the industry. Her commitment to family and tradition, her fierce loyalty and love, as well as her quiet strength, are all part of the legacy she leaves to those left to mourn.”

“As an editor and editor-in-chief, Mrs. B has written over 1,500 columns, and that does not include stories based on her personal travels.   Mrs. B played an integral role in spotlighting the Caribbean to the Canadian market. In 2018 Mrs. B was awarded the Order of Distinction by the Jamaican government to recognize her contributions to the tourism industry and the important work she had done on behalf of Jamaica.”

“What people did not know about Mrs. B. is her humour, wit, and her thirst for life, travel and people; I have lost a dear friend, mentor and someone that I highly admire and respect,” said Zeina Gedeon 

Edith passed peacefully at her home in Toronto, surrounded by her family, on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.