TPI Summits Hit All-Time Attendance High

Travel Professionals International (TPI) hosted its annual Summits in nine cities across Canada, welcoming over 350 advisors to the events – an all-time high for attendance.

Zeina Gedeon, TPI CEO – along with director of sales, Christine Winchester and director of marketing, Caroline Hay — travelled across the country to deliver TPI updates on new programs and services as well as delivering sales-centric content to assist TPI’s travel advisors in moving their business forward.

Said Gedeon: “Our annual Summit Roadshow was a great success, it is a trip that head office and TPI advisors across Canada look forward to, it is the opportunity to meet face-to-face with our advisors and allows us to not just pass on our key TPI messages but to further develop strong relationships with each individual TPI advisor.”

She went on to say “being joined by our key supplier partners really rounds out the Summit experience, keeping up on industry trends and knowing our partners are here to support our network towards continued sales growth is paramount, and the feedback we received was fantastic!”

TPI travel advisor, Jaime Murphy attended the Summits and said “this is my 10th year of attending TPI’s annual summits. I love attending the annual summit series as it provides me with important information and connections to continue to operate my business at the top of my game.”

Further feedback received, raved about the event with comments including: “I loved the Summit and all the information I received;” “I was impressed that the CEO was willing to travel across the country and meet with her advisors face to face;” “It’s clear there was a lot of preparation for this summit. I enjoyed it. It was the right amount of time. Long enough breaks to speak with colleagues, head office, and partners.”

TPI’s Hay noted that: “Travel Professionals International holds over 40 in-person training events annually. The community we have as an organization is incredible and when we posed the question during Summits of Why TPI? The #1 answer right across the country was the support from head office and other advisors, and that is why we continue these in-person meetings through the year! It’s a big differentiator for us and we are very proud of the relationship we have with our TPI advisors.”

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