TPI Taking Care Of Its Advisors

Group Launches Advisor Assistance Program (AAP)

TPI is launching a new program to support its staff, advisors and their families so they can manage work, health and life challenges during the current difficult times.

The program, Advisor Assistance Program (AAP), is being launched in partnership with Morneau Shepell.

Zeina Gedeon, CEO TPI, explained that: “The wellbeing of our TPI Family has been the driving force behind every action we have taken this year in response to the pandemic. We know that people’s mental health and wellbeing is being strained due to the many necessary inconveniences, high anxiety and an increased risk of isolation given social distancing practices.”

Gedeon said that: “Our Advisors have been experiencing a high degree of worry, anxiety and stress about health and safety, and dealing with uncertainly regarding financial security. As Independent Business owners, our Advisors may not have coverage for a traditional EAP program, so we wanted to make this accessible to our entire network.”

And she added: “With the holidays approaching, as well as the continued crisis in our industry, we felt that now, more than ever, is the time to introduce a support program to assist our network in accessing experts in the mental health field.”

The comprehensive TPI AAP program is accessible 24-hours, 7 days a week, toll-free telephone access to Advisor Assistance Program including (but not limited to)  services related to:

  • Crisis counselling
  • Risk assessment
  • Stress & Life Management
  • Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Loss, Anger, & Violence
  • Relationships, Life Changes, Family Matters, Parenting
  • Substance Abuse, Addictions, Smoking Cessation
  • Career Support & Resiliency Coaching
  • Personal Traumatic Events
  • Health & Wellbeing Online Programs

Gedeon made it clear that: “TPI wants to ensure we continue to contribute to people’s lives beyond work in a larger sense of improving community wellbeing. Bringing awareness to the importance of mental health is not a new initiative at TPI, in 2018 we launched a partnership with our corporate charity,; Canada’s only charity training and empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health in every province and territory.

And she continued: “Conversations and actions around the support of mental health has been our focus for the past few years, which is why our AAP program (along with all of our incredible benefits and support TPI offers) will be an included member benefit moving forward.”

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