Tracking the trends in 2020

As we approach the end of 2019, it is natural to wonder what lies ahead.

In this our last Voices of Travel podcast for the year, host Ron Pradinuk will talk with some of the predictors of the future to try and pull aside some of the curtains of uncertainty. He’ll examine two research studies — and talk with a representative from one province who will definitely be celebrating.

American Express Global Business Travel has released its report on business conferences and meetings for the coming year.

While it does not suggest major celebrations, it looks like 2020 will still welcome a year of growth.

The Province of Manitoba will be the first of three provinces who will celebrate their 150th year since joining the confederation.

The province will be busy throughout the 52 weeks of 2020 with a steady stream of activities, highlighted by a performance by an international rock and roll back from the past. While Pradinuk is not sure which one it is, he has certainly been trying to guess who.

On the consumer side, the online travel giant,, has put forward a series of predicted trends that seem to evolve quickly, which all travel professionals should be examining closely.