Tracking The Trends With TTC Tour Brands’ CEO Gavin Tollman

Describing 2019 as “nothing more than a litmus test for success,” Gavin Tollman, the CEO & president of TTC Tour Brands, says those in the travel industry should look forward rather than backwards.

“If you’re trying to replicate what you were doing, you will fail because it’s just no longer there. Everything has shifted and changed,” Tollman tells Travel Courier. “This is an interesting time for our travel industry — an exciting one — and all I can say to everybody in it is change too. You’ve got to look at the realities of where the world is going and adapt to them. And if you do, you’ll be able to thrive in a way that you couldn’t ever imagine. And that degree of flexibility is what’s going to be a critical component to making sure you will do well in the future.”

Notably, he says this also applies to travel advisors.

“Look at everything through the consumer’s lens — they have changed — and do not apply what was to what is now. You have to be far more fluid. You’ve got to adapt and you’ve got to be able to listen.”

Although travel advisors are “more vital than ever” he challenges them to showcase their value to clients and potential clients.

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