Trafalgar Unveils Italy 2018

Trafalgar has launched its 2018 Italy program featuring 17 itineraries ranging from seven to 17 days and including Sicily and a four-day Aegean cruise option on the Best of Italy and Greece excursion.

In celebration of the new Italy program, Trafalgar is offering travellers a 10% Early Payment Discount.

“Italy is the number one European destination for our Canadian guests who simply fall under the spell of la dolce vita and every year we continue to innovate and further enhance our program with a myriad of authentic experiences,” said Wolf Paunic, president of Trafalgar Canada. “On several of our itineraries, our new exceptional after-hours VIP dining experiences within the Vatican will be available to our clients during the 2018 operating season and the opportunity to be personally welcomed by the Curator of the Ethnological Museum, Padre Mappelli, for a tour of the papal conclave.”

A new itinerary for 2018 is the Regional Explorer 11-day journey Wonders of Italy, an exploration of Italy’s alluring art, architecture and old-world charm. From the fiery passions of Rome and picturesque fishing villages of Cinque Terre, to the gentle Tuscan landscapes and romantic fervor of Verona, guests will get to pay tribute to the extraordinary masterpieces of Italy’s greats.