Transat Expands Europe Program

GC - Lyon

With more flights, more seats and new connecting flights, as well as two new destinations – Croatia in Eastern Europe and Pisa in Italy – Transat is expanding its European portfolio for 2016.

Air Transat will offer direct flights to a total of 29 destinations, including newly launched routes between Toronto and Nice, Montreal and Glasgow and Vancouver and Rome.

Every Sunday beginning June 13, 2016 a direct flight for Pisa will take off from Toronto and Montreal while Zagreb in Croatia will be offered on Tuesdays as of June 15, 2016 direct from Toronto and via a connecting flight from Montreal.

Transat is also increasing frequency and capacity on many of its routes, including: Montreal to Lyon, pictured, (five flights a week), Lisbon (four flights a week), London and Toulouse (three flights a week); Toronto to London (11 flights a week), Barcelona (four flights a week) and Porto (three flights a week); Vancouver to London (seven flights a week).

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