Transat Extends Flight Suspension To July 29

Transat is extending the suspension of its flights, advising that due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions still in place both in Canada and at the destinations that it operates to, it must extend the suspension of its flights until July 29, 2021, inclusively.

Joseph Adamo, chief sales & marketing officer, Transat, said: “We continue to monitor the evolution of the pandemic and the decisions of the health authorities very closely; we will be ready to meet the consumer demand when it arises.”

Adamo continued: “We are confident that we have what it takes to re-launch a prosperous, sustainable and strong Transat, especially considering the financing agreement with the Government of Canada.”

The company also advised that customers who are unable to travel due to a flight cancellation are eligible for a refund. They will first be issued a travel credit automatically and they will receive a notification of the status of their file.

Then, once the customer receives the invoice confirming the cancellation of their reservation (this can take up to 14 days) and if they wish to get a refund, they can complete a claim on their behalf using the online form by Aug. 26, 2021.

Travel agents are invited to consult the updated FAQ on Transat Agent Direct and to visit to learn about the refund eligibility criteria.