Transat improves Option Flex service for advisors

Effective May 15, Transat is improving the terms and conditions of its Option Flex for travel advisors.

For Option Flex Standard and Option Flex Extra, the commission on new bookings has been increased to 20 per cent, and the waiting period for a new booking after a cancellation has been reduced to 10 days.

In addition, the compensation for Option Flex Extra cancellations has been increased to $75 per passenger (adult or child).

As a reminder, Option Flex Standard and Option Flex Extra offer travellers the following benefits when booking South, United States, Europe, Morocco and Peru packages:

  Option Flex Standard
Option Flex Extra


Change their travel dates, destination and/or hotel 72 hours before departure 24 hours before departure
Cancel their trip 72 hours before departure and get a travel credit 24 hours before departure and get a refund
Transfer their vacation package to a relative up to 30 days before departure

For more details, travel advisors can visit Agent Direct or