Transat Introduces Altéa Departure Control System


Air Transat has implemented Amadeus’ Altéa Departure Control System – Customer Management to enhance their passengers’ end-to-end travel experience and simplify pre-departure and check-in processes.

According to officials, with Amadeus’ technology solution, Air Transat will be able to reduce passenger processing wait times, making it easier to check-in and move quickly to their gate at all key airports.

“Our partnership with Amadeus marks a significant milestone for Air Transat in enabling us to advance our service and efficiencies,” said Jean-François Lemay, Air Transat’s general manager. “Amadeus’ technology will bring many benefits – from reduced airport wait times and gate agent productivity gains to a better customer experience.”

Altéa DCS-CM provides the technology power that can help airlines drive future growth, streamline pre-departure and check-in efficiencies and deliver greater value to their customers. Some key benefits for Air Transat and its customers include: Simplified customer-centric identification and intuitive workflow during the check-in process; Self-service check-in through multiple channels and options; Boarding and standby management to assure smooth processes; Automated or guided disruption management.