Transat Offers Update On Call Centre Service Fees

Transat is advising travel advisors that “over the past months, [it] has enhanced self-service functions to support travel professionals both in the form of new technology and online forms that allow you to manage certain aspects of a booking without having to call the Contact Centre.”

It continues: “To support these enhancements, the Transat sales team has created a comprehensive collection of training materials including video tutorials and guides. We greatly appreciate the support of the travel professional’s community who have embraced these tools.”

In its advisory, it notes that: “To increase the use of these tools and to improve the service level of our Contact Centre, we will charge $25 per file when the contact centre performs a task that could be done using a self-service tool. A fee of $25 per paying traveller will apply if the contact center creates a booking for a travel agent that could have been booked using a reservation system.”

Transat advises that: “Starting on March 6, 2023, our Contact Centre agents will inform you if the task being requested can be done using a self-service function. You may choose to end the call and perform the task yourself, or you may ask the Contact Centre agent to complete the task and accept the charge. We will not charge for tasks that cannot be completed independently.”

And it concludes: “As a reminder of the self-service functions available to you, we have developed a reference guide that lists each function, how to complete the task and we have provided a link to a video tutorial or reference document on each.