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Transat Relaxes FTC Policy

Transat has announced that effective immediately, future travel credits are now transferable and have no expiry date.

The move is designed to offer greater flexibility to customers whose bookings have been cancelled due to COVID-19 or who cancelled their trips as part of Transat’s flexibility policy.

Now Transat is relaxing the terms around the use of the future travel credits (FTCs) issued as a result and those FTCs are now fully transferable, with no expiry date.

As before, any residual credit will remain on file.

This new flexible policy applies to flights, packages and guided tours.

However, it excludes credits received for cruises that are subject to their own cruise lines’ conditions. These FTCs, previously valid for 12 to 24 months, no longer have an expiry date.

This new policy applies to:

  • Passengers whose bookings have been cancelled by Air Transat/Transat (FTC was valid for 24 months).
  • Passengers who booked prior to March 4, 2020, and who cancelled as part of Transat’s flexibility policy (FTC was valid for 24 months).
  • Passengers who booked on or after March 4, 2020, and who cancelled as part of the “Book with peace of mind” offer (FTC was valid for 12 months).

The new policy also applies to all files previously cancelled.

Transat notes that there is no need to call them. Once a file is adjusted, travel agents will be able to download a new travel voucher with no expiry date for their customers.

This adjustment will take a few days, and Transat thanked agents for their patience. A new invoice will not be generated for files that were previously cancelled.

All applicable FTCs issued by Transat Tours Canada are transferable, with the exception of credits issued for cruise packages.

For all credit transfers, it is the travel agent’s responsibility to obtain and keep all documents showing the consent of the original travellers to transfer their FTCs (authorization letter or email, proof of identity, etc.).

Travel agencies must be able to provide Transat with this proof at any time.


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