Transat Reorganization


Annick Guérard, general manager of Transat Tours Canada (TTC) and Vacances Tours Mont-Royal, has announced that the integration of (TTC) and Vacances Tours Mont-Royal is being expedited, and putting an end to TMR in Ontario.

Beginning next winter, Vacances Tours Mont-Royal will focus on one major market, becoming Quebec’s Cuba specialist. Led by Louise Fecteau, the TMR brand will “become synonymous with an unparalleled product offering” for this Sun destination, already a favourite with customers.

“We will continue to sell Cuba under the Transat Holidays and Nolitours brands, but TMR’s product offering for this market will be unmatched.”

This greater integration with TTC entails the assimilation of some staff within the TTC team and the abolition of some 30 TMR positions. TMR’s operations in Ontario will also be integrated within TTC, which entails the termination of TMR’S activities in this region.

“These changes will lead to increased efficiency and enable us to take full advantage of the complementarities between Transat Tours Canada and Vacances Tours Mont-Royal,” said Guérard.