Transat Tours Making It Easier For Agents

Transat Tours Canada is making life easier for travel agents.

In order to facilitate bookings at Transat Tours Canada with future travel credits (FTCs) issued as a result of COVID-19, agents can now book directly in Revnet or Sirev and complete a dedicated form to request that an FTC be applied to the new booking. The procedure also eliminates the need for agents to call Transat Tours Canada’s Contact Centre.

This form will serve as a temporary solution until a fully automated solution is made available. The procedure is simple: make a new booking with a cheque guarantee, then fill out the online form — .

Transat Tours Canada will adjust the file as quickly as possible.

Once completed, the credit amount used for the new booking will be applied as payment, and any remaining credit will be updated.

Agents should allow several days for the adjustment; and then they will receive both invoices once the file has been updated.

This new procedure can only be applied to:

  • Bookings made from July 20, 2020 onward, for all future departures.
  • Individual bookings of packages or flights (for GDS, cruise packages or group bookings, you must contact us).
  • Bookings for which the travel agency is the same as the one that originally booked the trip.